Anonymous: does giriboy have tattoos?

As far as we know, he doesn’t have any tattoos.

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Anonymous: how do you pronunce Hong Si Young?

Hong Si Young

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Anonymous: Do you also wonder why Giriboy hasn't been doing well on SMTM3? Like his audition and first and second battle has been good but when it came to the live show he just wasn't as good as he normally was? Is it because of YDG or something? :/ I wanted him to be in the TOP 4 or 2.... :(

To be honest, I stopped watching SMTM3 after the first few episodes. I tried to keep up with Giriboy’s performances but the show itself just wasn’t appealing to me anymore (the editing, the voting, literally so many aspects of the show are just very off-putting, but I digress). Maybe Giriboy did the best he could with what he was given, maybe YDG wasn’t a good fit for him maybe it was the show … maybe Giri just wasn’t on his game like he should have been. I really don’t know, but don’t feel bad!! I think this was a good learning experience for him, and regardless of how far he made it we know what he is capable of, and obviously what he displayed on this show is a very small fraction of what he can do. Also, I would just like to say that since Giri has been on the show he has gained so much support.  I can see it on all the social media outlets, there are so many new fans and that is really great. So, even though he didn’t make it to the top 2 or 4 he isn’t leaving empty handed. Let’s stay positive!!!

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SMTM S3 E8 English Subs

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Anonymous: Do you know the tracklist of fatal album in english please?

01. You’re A Chemical (Feat. Beenzino) 
02. It’s Written All Over Your Face (Feat. Ugly Duck)
03. My Body is on Fire (Feat. Choi Danbi) 
04. Time Waits For Me (Tik Tok) (Feat. Swings, Lim Seonghyun)
05. Manipulative Woman (Feat. Gganmo, Zico of Block B) 
06. Not Anymore
07. You Don’t Look Good To Me (Psycoban Remix) (Feat. Psycoban)

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